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Check out out finished CULT-TIPS Pedagogical Model

We're very excited to be able to share our first project output: the CULT-TIPS pedagogical model! It can be found on the results page of the website and is available in full in English, with executive summaries available in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Maltese, Italian, Greek and Lithuanian.

The pedagogical model is a structured way of thinking about how to combine computational thinking and cultural heritage in primary school teaching. It's a great way for teachers and educators to find out about the CULT-TIPS method and will underpin all the future activities and results in our project.

De Creatieve Code is a Dutch initiative combining computational thinking and visual art in teaching, just one example of the types of best practices we drew inspiration from for our pedagogical model.

Partners from across Europe worked together to gather best practices, resources and information about different ways that computational thinking, cultural heritage and arts are being combined in schools, libraries and museums. Based on this input, our partner Effebi formulated the pedagogical model as a theoretical basis for our work.

Now that we have our pedagogical model, plus lots of research and inspiration from around the continent, we're going to work to create an online teacher training programme and an educator's toolkit to bring the CULT-TIPS method to life as practically as possible. Stay tuned!


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