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Partners meeting again in Seville

After two years of not seeing each other in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CULT-TIPS project partners were finally able to meet again in sunny Seville, Spain.

It was wonderful to see each other again and catch up about the work we've been doing in the project. Top of the agenda was the further development and testing of our online teacher training programme which we've been working on remotely for the past months.

We also started working on our educator's toolkit, which will equip teachers and educators from across Europe with exciting lesson plans and activities which they can use to combine computational thinking and cultural heritage in their classrooms.

Student artworks based on algorithmic tiles at IES Hermanos Machado.

Examples of the 'original' tile work and patterns in the Royal Alcazar Palace of Seville.

While in Spain we also had the chance to visit our host IES Hermanos Machado's school facilities and meet some of their pupils. We also heading into Seville to explore the beautiful built heritage of Andalucia, with lots of influence from the Moorish culture which was dominant in the early Middle Ages. The tradition of tiles and abstract shapes was very inspiring for our project!

We're looking forward to seeing each other more often in the final months of the project so that we can finalise our results and share our materials with the world.

An example of modern algorithmic design in the centre of Seville.

Curious? Check out the aftermovie of the meeting!


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