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Project kicks off in Almada, Portugal

Our CULT-TIPS project kicked off in Almada, Portugal. Hosted by AEEN, our Portuguese school partner, the meeting was a chance for all of the project partners to get together and get their teeth into the various outputs and activities we want to achieve.

It was a great opportunity to meet for the first time and get to know each other a little better. The partnership has a mix of schools, experts and experienced project managers - as well as a lot of enthusiasm!

The partners responsible for coordinating the different project results and activities like monitoring and evaluation and communication presented their plans for the coming years, also getting feedback from their fellow partners.

In a project about cultural heritage, it was of course also very important to get to know the culture of our hosting partners in Portugal! We were treated to a wonderful evening of traditional fado music, delicious food and also had the chance to explore some of the built heritage of Almada and nearby Lisbon.

We also had the opportunity to visit some of AEEN's school facilities and meet teachers and pupils.

All in all a fantastic start to the project!


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